My Cats

Deerhunters Tootsie

2019-12-06 | Pedigree

Chocolate tortie

GM2 free and HK free by parentage

Tintomara’s Conchita

2017-01-11 | Pedigree

My first Burmese cat, a big and beautiful female. Extraordinary kind and is looking after the younger Burmese kittens in a loving and patient way.


Shai-San-War’s Donna

2018-02-17 | Pedigree

Here is the girl with a little bit of extra. She is first in line for food and beg for more if she has the chance. If someone is playing with the cats she is first in line too. Donna is a fearless lion-hearted girl who doesn´t fear for example a dog visit. She has integrity but is very kind and she has a typical Burmese look with super ears and coat.

Brown, carries dilution

GM2 free by parentage, HK free tested N/N

CH S*Zagamin Kenzie

2018-01-23 | Pedigree

A calm and sober girl who rather observe than participates. She has a big interest in hunting and she is a quite a gamer if she´s allowed to borrow mummys iPad and play some cat games. She is endlessly loving and, amongst her many exterior qualities, I will especially bring out her silky and lovely caffelatte coloured coat, beautiful eyes and amazing profile .

Chocolate, carries dilution

GM2 free and HK free by parentage