About me

Penda and me, 1982

Welcome to SE*Pendas Burmese cattery.

My name is Helena Strömberg and I live in Sundsvall, Sweden, together with my husband and children. Since childhood I have had a big interest in all sorts of animals, and in the beginning of the 90s I was a breeder of Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

I had my first cat in 1982 and she is the one who has given her name to my cattery, Pendas. Penda means like/love in Swahili, which I find very suitable since it is very easy to love a silky Burmese cat. In an uncomplicated and natural way the Burmese cat quickly becomes a member of its new family and takes a place in everyone’s hearts.

As a Burmese cat owner you have a friend that takes a part in daily life activities, big as small. That is something I really appreciate especially as I bring my cats to excursions in nature. A Burmese cat is curious and energetic enough to really enjoy it.

Breeding goal

My aim is that, without profit, breed healthy and typical Burmese cats with a good temper. I plan to breed 2-4 litters per year in my home so that the kittens will be properly socialized. I also plan to use available health tests to decrease the risk of the kittens catching diseases. I also want to contribute to the broadening of the genetic base for the Burmese cats through import.