Buy a kitten

When the kittens are sold they are at least 12 weeks old, registered in SVERAK, health checked by veterinarian, insured for hidden diseases, chipped and vaccinated twice. Everything is following the rules set up by SVERAK.

As the kittens are born in a home environment, they will be socialized and used to the most common activities, as for example vacuuming.

I want a close contact with my buyers, both before and after a kitten has been sold. I will naturally also answer to any questions that may come up along the way.

It is possible to queue for a cat, but I will reserve the right to choose the right buyer for each kitten. A reservation is considered when a deposit of 1000 SEK is received (not refundable).

I follow the Burmese club´s recommended price for a kitten that is 10 000 SEK per kitten for a buyer in Sweden. Buying two kittens at the same time will get you a discount on 1000 SEK. When buying a new kitten from Pendas’ at a later date will also get you a discount on 1000 SEK for the new kitten.